Business Property Insurance

From your building to your equipment and inventory, a business property insurance policy protects all the things that keep your business running.

What is business property insurance?

Business property insurance is an important coverage because it helps to protect your business and its physical assets. If you operate out of your home, business property insurance provides you with more coverage than your homeowners policy. Business property insurance can pay for repairs or replacement costs if your business property is damaged or destroyed from a fire, vandalism, or other covered losses.

What does business property insurance cover?

Business property insurance can cover a wide variety of items. Depending on your business' needs, we can help you tailor a business property insurance policy to ensure your business is covered.

What does business property insurance cover?

Some of the more common items covered include:

  • Buildings
  • Equipment
  • Tools
  • Inventory
  • Furniture
  • Personal property

For example you could be covered from fire damage that destroys your computers, stolen inventory, or building damage from a lightning strike.

Custom coverage for your business' unique needs

No two businesses are alike; at Saleme Insurance, we offer specialized policies and unique coverage options to meet the unique needs of your business property.

Replacement cost basis coverage

We offer business property insurance that covers applicable items on a replacement cost basis. This can make a big impact for many business owners.

Additional property coverage

We can protect more than just your building. We can also offer coverage for anything permanently attached to your building, such as business equipment and fixtures servicing the premises, glass and exterior signs, lights, and clocks.

Leased property coverage

We can help protect buildings even if you don't own them. Our business property policies can cover rented and leased buildings, as well as property that you don't own, but is left in your care.

Inflation guard

With inflation guard, you can protect yourself against the affects of inflation on construction projects for covered buildings. This provides reassurance that you have enough coverage for the true value of your business.

What's not covered by business property insurance

Be aware that business property insurance doesn't protect you or business against all kinds of property damage. Here are a few types of property damage that wouldn't be covered by a business property insurance policy.

Client property damage

Damage to a client's property, either on or off your business' premises, would not be covered. For example, if your client tripped over an item in your business and broke their laptop, that claim would not be covered. Or, if your client damages a client's personal property, that would not be covered either. Check out our general liability and business umbrella policies for these types of coverages.

Property damage involving vehicles

Damage to your or another person's property caused by a vehicular accident would not be covered by business property insurance. For example, if your company's delivery truck is damaged in an accident while delivering to clients, that would not be covered. Check out our business auto insurance for vehicle coverage. 

Flood damage

Flooding is unpredictable and can happen at any point in time. Business property insurance does not cover against claims related to flood damage. For example, if heavy rain causes a creek to overflow and damage your building or inventory, the claim would not be covered by business property insurance. 

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