Business Umbrella Insurance

No business owner wants to think about potentially catastrophic claims, yet the reality is, they can and do happen. Business umbrella insurance protects you from major claims that have the potential to cause serious financial harm otherwise. 

What is business umbrella insurance?

Business umbrella insurance provides you and your business an extra layer of protection above and beyond what is covered under your general liability or other liability policies. It can protect you from catastrophic claims that can be costly and exceed your current coverages. It works a lot like a personal umbrella policy that covers you for claims that exceed your home, auto, or renters' insurance limits. 

What does business umbrella insurance cover?

Typically, business umbrella insurance offers you $1 million or more in extra coverage above your existing policies' liability coverage. That extra coverage can protect you from claims arising from:

  • Injuries, damages, or other claims related to car accidents for which you or an employee are found responsible for
  • Libel, slander, copyright infringement, and misappropriation of advertising ideas
  • Damage you or an employee cause to another person's property
  • Injuries to another person caused by a product or service you offer
  • Liability you assume through a written contract
  • Damage an intoxicated person causes to someone or someone else's property due to alcohol consumed at your function

Who should purchase business umbrella insurance?

Business umbrella insurance is a great option for businesses that interact with their clients. It becomes even more important if your business operates heavy or dangerous equipment. Business owners typically purchase business umbrella insurance if there is the chance a claim could exceed their current liability coverages. You might consider purchasing business umbrella insurance if your business:

  • Frequently interacts with customers
  • Works on someone else's property
  • Is open for the public to visit

If people can visit your business or property, the chances of bodily injury increase, especially if there is equipment and machinery operating at the time. Furthermore, if you work on another person's property, you could accidentally cause damage to their property. Business umbrella insurance helps cover you in both instances. 

How does business umbrella insurance work?

Business umbrella insurance extends your liability coverage above and beyond what your current liability policies offer. Business umbrella insurance is flexible, and can extend liability coverage even if you have liability policies with another company. 

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