Mobile Home Insurance

Mobile home insurance is similar to homeowners insurance, but offers you specialized coverage. Whether you need manufactured or modular home insurance, we are here to help you find a policy that fits your needs. 

Types of Mobile Home Coverage

Mobile home insurance helps to protect the structure and personal belongings inside your home. 


In the event of damage to your mobile due to a covered peril, mobile home insurance may help to cover the repair costs.


If someone is injured on your property due to an accident, liability coverage can help pay for the medical payments.

Temporary repairs

Mobile home insurance can help cover the costs of temporary repairs you may have to make to protect your home from additional damage. This could be boarding up a damaged window or tarping your roof after a bad storm.

Temporary living expenses

If you are required to live somewhere else while your mobile home is undergoing repairs, temporary living coverage may help you pay for the extra expenses.

Additional Coverages

Our mobile home policies offer a lot of what you might expect, but may include extras you might not. Contact us for a full list of auto insurance features.

Lock and key coverage

If your locks or keys are stolen in a burglary, your mobile home policy could cover the replacement costs.

First aid expenses

If a person or a pet requires first aid, your mobile home policy could cover the emergency first aid expenses up to reasonable limit.

Debris removal

If a storm or other weather-related event litters your property with debris, you mobile home policy could cover debris removal costs.

Bundle and Save Up to 25%

When you bundle your condo and auto policies, or your condo with an eligible life insurance policy, you could save up to 25%, with an average savings of 20%, on your insurance. Plus, you get the added convenience of having your policies under the same roof.

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