Umbrella Insurance

You never know when it might rain. So, just like the name implies, this type of policy acts like an umbrella, providing protection against a wide range of potential financial dangers and unforeseeable mishaps.

What is umbrella insurance?

Accidents happen from time to time; sometimes, these accidents can be catastrophic, such as a horrible car crash, trampoline, or swimming pool accident. Umbrella insurance, also known as personal catastrophe liability insurance, provides you with extra liability coverage to help protect you.

Most people with a home and/or auto policy have liability insurance to cover costs in the event of an accident from a car accident or incident on their property, but there are limits to how much those policies will pay for. 

In the event you are liable for medical costs above and beyond what your auto and/or home policy will pay for, your personal assets, including your wages, may be at stake. Umbrella insurance provides you with extra protection, typically of $1 million or more, so you can be confident that even in the even of a catastrophe, you're protected. Plus, it's surprisingly inexpensive.

What does umbrella insurance cover?

Umbrella insurance offers you additional coverage for a wide rage of claims brought against you or your family for things such as bodily injury, emotional stress, libel, slander, and accidental property damage. It can also cover:

  • Injuries you cause in a car accident
  • Injuries someone suffers on your property
  • Property damage you cause in an accident
  • Property damage your pet causes
  • Property damage a dependent or child causes
  • Attorney fees and other legal costs


Someone coming to your door slips on your sidewalk due to water making the surface slick. The person is badly injured and spends weeks in the hospital from complications due to the fall. To pay for the medical bills, the person sues you since they were injured on your property. Your home insurance has liability coverage up to $300,000, but you are being sued for $500,000. You are responsible for the remaining $200,000. If you had an umbrella policy, you could be able to cover the remaining $200,000. If not, your personal assets and even your wages could be taken to cover the balance. 

Keep Your Umbrella Handy

Keep Your Umbrella Handy

Umbrella liability can be a fairly inexpensive way to help shelter current assets and future income from the unexpected.

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